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Groups at Golf Camps

If you are in charge of a group of youngsters that want to take part in one of our golf camps, discover the special offers and conditions we offer to groups.

We work with the best golf camps in the world and offer the best deals for multiple bookings.


If booking for 5 children or more, you will be able to take advantage of the special discounts and benefits for groups. Discover the conditions that each camp offers according to the number of members in the group.


If you have a group consisting of at least 15 members that is interested in one of our golf camps, a supervisor or coach can accompany them and stay in the camp completely free of charge. Additionally, some golf camps will permit said supervisor or coach to participate in many of the camp activities during their stay, always guided by the coordinator of the organization. Big groups

For big groups (of around 20-30 youngsters) we offer an exclusive, made-to-measure golf camp, with flexible dates, duration and schedule.

Small groups

If you are in charge of a small group of youngsters that wish to come to one of our golf camps, you can also take advantage of our special offers and even have a supervisor or coach accompany them on this experience. Some camps permit a supervisor/coach to participate in the activities carried out in the camp, as long as they follow the guidelines imposed by the camp organization. The participants will follow the same camp program as those that booked individually.

Why choose us

Help finding the best camp for your group

We have been offering summer camps and language courses since 2001, and we only work with the best and most prestigious camps in the world.

Better discounts for groups

We offer attractive discounts for groups and offer the opportunity to save money when booking as a group.

Quality of our services

We have a fantastic team that advises and assists the groups throughout the whole process and we can attend to you in Spanish or English.

Easy booking process

It has never been easier to receive a quote. Simply fill out the form below and we will send you a quote for one or multiple camps.

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