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General Information

Exsportise West Sussex

English and golf are brought together in the Exportise camp so that your child can have the best holiday of his or her life. Learning and fun in luxurious facilities that will make the kids want to repeat this experience every summer.

The golf training programs have been designed by PGA professionals and the English classes are taught by qualified teachers with the objective of getting the children to earn confidence and fluency in this language. In addition the children perform many other leisure activities and excursions. At all times they are supervised by the excellent staff that lives at the camp during the kids’stay to ensure their safety and care. 25 years of experience guarantee this camp as a great option to choose for the school holidays of your child.

There are courses for all types of golf levels. The standard (for children ages 10 to 16 years), is intended for children from beginner up to intermediate advanced level.

For children 12 to 16 years who wish to focus only on golf course in an intensive manner and not to take English classes the golf Academy program and the Pro Golf Academy program (only for those who have a handicap of 20 or less) are available.

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Camp details

Location Headquarter:
Seaford College in West Sussex
15 h / week
English Classes:

15 hours/week

Required Age:
10 - 16 years
Nearest Airport:
London Heathrow (LHR)

Shared rooms 3-10 beds

Why with us?

  1. Personalised Customer Service in English.
  2. For our experience in the industry.
  3. Ease of registration and payment.