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Preguntas Frecuentes

Abajo puedes encontrar preguntas frecuentes sobre los campamentos de fútbol que ofrecemos. Si tienes alguna pregunta o duda siempre puedes contactar con nosotros.


Answers to general questions about camps.

The golf camps are summer programs that the academies create so that kids around the world can go to train at their facilities, get to know one another, participate in all activities and have fun practicing their favorite sport and learning from the best professionals. In many cases, they also teach English classes so that the kids, in addition to practicing sports, can improve their level of language skills.

All the golf camps offer programs from beginner to advanced so that the kids who wish to can access their camp. It is true that there are specialized programs just for kids who meet a series of requirements and with a determined handicap.

There are also intensive or high-performance camps that dedicate many hours to training. Therefore, depending on whether your child wants golf as a hobby or as something more serious, there are a few camps more suitable than others.

To make the right decision, ask for help from our consultants, they will let you know which camp best suits your needs.

At the golf camps not only is technique, strategy or physical capacity needed to become a better player improved, but many other things are contributed.

Nothing like the advice of professionals to improve as a golfer. In addition, the coaches are responsible for instilling the sports culture to the kids. By being away from home for a few weeks, they also gain independence, sociability and assurance.

No specific level of English is required in order to be able to access the camps. Those camps that offer English classes have levels from beginners to advanced.

There are other camps abroad that do not offer English classes and that perform all trainings in this language, however, in some cases there are coaches who speak Spanish who can tend to your child in the case they were to have difficulty with the language.

Please contact us for more information.

The camps are generally available from the month of June until September, coinciding with the school vacation of the kids. However, there are camps that also offer the possibility of staying for an academic year at their golf schools, please contact us for more information.

Yes, there are golf camps that also offer the possibility of staying at the academy for a school year. If you are interested in your child spending an academic year studying and practicing golf, contact us and we will inform you.

There are not camps available for those over 19 years. If you still are 18 years old you can attend the following golf camps: Issos, IMG and GGGA.


Answers to questions relating to the camp reservation and booking process.

To reserve a place at one of the camps we offer, first you have to fill out the form that we have in the Registration section ( Registro ). Once we have received your registration, we confirm the availability of the camp and accommodation requested. If there are spaces available we will send you information on how to pay the initial deposit that is needed for the final reservation of the camp.

At each camp there are a limited number of spots and, as golf camps are very popular, we recommend always booking the course as soon as possible.

There is usually availability until the end of March/April but you can also find some spots later although perhaps not at the camp or the dates desired.

Please contact us for more information.

It is recommended that you book as far in advance as possible as these camps are in great demand. As a general rule the spots are taken shortly before the summer. However you can ask us about the availability at any time and we will advise you if there is any space available. Sometimes there are last minute cancellations, so there may be some vacancies shortly before the start of the camp. 

To pay both the deposit as the remaining balance you can do so via credit card with a 3% commission for bank charges (Visa/Mastercard), via bank transfer or deposit into account.

The amount of the deposit to make the reservation is different for each camp. You can find the exact amount of the deposit in the "Prices & Dates" tab of each camp. The deposit is essential in order to make a final reservation at a camp.

The remaining balance must be paid normally between 4 - 8 weeks before the start of the program.


Each camp has specific cancellation policies. No camp returns the deposit that is submitted to make the reservation, therefore, before you book, consider carefully which camp you want to choose.

If you have any questions or need advice, please do contact us and our team will help you with what you need.

Depends on the policies of each camp and their availability at the time of making the change of dates. Also, some camps chare extra for the date change once the reservation is made.  

No, the plane ticket is not included in the price. It should be reserved by the parents, and in the appropriate case, they should also hire the accompaniment of minors service during the flight.

Keep in mind that if you need to arrange the accompaniment service, you must choose a regular airline since the low-cost companies do not offer that service.


As a general rule, the pick up of the children at the airport is not included in the price. This is considered an optional service that provides the camp only to parents wishing to contract it because it may be the case that they may wish to be the ones accompanying their children to camp on the first day as well as pick them up on the day of return.

In the Prices and Dates section you can find a detailed listing of services that are included in the price of the camp as well as those who that not included in it. 


Answers to questions like how to get to the camp, pick up and accompaniment service or issues relating to the transport of the children between camp facilities.

If you do not live in Madrid, you can accompany your child to Madrid or also send him/her on a plane and we will pick him/her up at the Madrid airport.

Spanish airports offer a service to under-age children where a person at the airport accompanies the child from the moment they check in until the plane and then up to the departure in Madrid where we will pick up your child to go with the rest of the group on a plane towards the final destination.


Although a priori it might seem a bit uncertain for some parents to send their child alone on a plane abroad, it is a practice that the airports and airlines are more than used to dealing with. As we have mentioned above, the airports have a special staff that is responsible for taking the children from the check-in up to the aircraft and it works the same way abroad.

If you have booked the airport pickup abroad, the airport staff will take him/her up to the person responsible for the camp pick-up, therefore your child will not be alone aside from the trajectory on the plane.


Much depends on the experience and responsibility of your child, but we have had clients who have sent 12 year old children to a camp abroad.

It is recommended that your child has at least a basic level of English to be able to communicate with, for example, flight attendants during the flight or employees at the airport, though in most cases there will be staff who will speak a little Spanish.

If you do not want your child to travel alone, or he/she does not have the age permitted to do so, you must hire an accompaniment service with the airline. See more information on the accompaniment of minors service during the flights.  


If you contract the pick up at the airport, there will be someone from the camp with a large sign with the name of the camp right at the arrival of the airport. In some cases they may be picking up a number of students at the same time and in other cases it will be a personal pick up. 

Yes, there is no problem with you bringing and picking up your child directly to the camp (it is also possible to only bring or pick-up and contract what is missing).  We can send you detailed information on how to get to the camp.

If you can't take your child to camp, you can hire the transfer service. This service consists in a monitor picking up child at the airport and bringing him/her to the camp and vice versa, on the return. 


All information related to camp security to answer your questions about: monitors, medical services, camp outings, camp security rules.

No, the children will never leave the camp without a monitor that will supervise them. The exit of children from the camp without accompaniment of its staff is absolutely prohibited. 

Each camp has a team of monitors that oversee all the activities that children do in the camp and they also have supervision 24 hours a day. During the golf training, or the English classes the monitors leave the supervision of the children to the coaches and teachers but there are always adults supervising during all the activities on campus and during the outside excursions. 

Almost all the camps have a nursing staff to treat small injuries but if your child needs medical care they will be taken to the nearest emergency clinic and parents will be advised immediately. In contact sports such as football is normal for children to suffer minor damage but it is very rare for something more serious to happen. 

If your child needs a special care or diet it is very important that you let us know in advance so that we can inform the camp. Normally it is not a problem but before making the final reservation we need to let the camp know. 

If your child wears glasses it is advisable that they wear special sports glasses - which are more flexible and do not break so easily.

Each camp has its own rules but below you have some of the rules in common at all the camps:

- Tobacco, alcohol or drug use is not allowed at any time (within or outside of the camp).  A violation of this rule usually means expulsion from the camp with prior notice to the parents.

- Participants must remain in the camp facilities and may not leave without being accompanied by a monitor or without the consent of the staff in charge of the camp.

- During the excursions the participants have to stay in the group all the time.

- Schedules of both getting up/bedtime as of the activities have to always be respected.

- Discrimination or violence of any kind is not tolerated between the participants and peers and their personal effects must be respected.


You will have a 24-hour emergency number where you will be able to locate your child in case of an emergency. For normal communication camps usually have public telephones that the children can use to call home (international calling cards are sold in the case of the camps abroad).

It is not recommended that parents call often to talk to the children because they can interrupt programmed activities and it is better to plan with your child that he/she be the one who contacts you. Although as parents we have the tendency to worry too much about our children if, for example, he/she has forgotten to call in a day, in 99.9 % of cases it simply means that it is going great and that he/she is busy with other things.


Answers to general questions about camps. Inner workings, material, parents visits, schedule.

Each camp offers a sample schedule of activities so that the parents will have an idea of the activities that the children will perform every day at the summer camp. You can look it up on the "Agenda & Activities" tab of each camp.

It is not recommended (or necessary) for your child to bring too many things of value to the camp and the camps are not responsible for loss or theft of personal items. In any case, all the camps have a place where your child can deposit their money, passport and other valuable things. He/she should ask the monitors upon arrival at the camp where can these things be stored.  

In most camps, everything is included in the price including excursions and admission during excursions but even so, it is advisable to carry some money to buy cards for international calls, souvenirs, snacks during the excursions or at the camp. Between 50 - 100€ per week should be sufficient.

Below you can see a list of the most important things to bring to camp. Also it is a good idea to mark the clothes of your child with their name so that they can be easily identified:

- Golf equipment: shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, socks, shoes, sports bag (some camps provide a kit to the children when they arrive - see what is included in the price of each camp).

- Clothes for a week (you can wash your clothes at the camp although in some cases it costs money).

- Bathroom Linen and towels.

- Walking shoes and sandals.

- Rain clothes.

- Personal hygiene items.

Once the camp reservation is made t we will inform you in detail of everything that your child needs to bring to camp. 


As a general rule, yes you can, provided that the camp is notified in advance and the established visiting hours are met. However, there are camps that prohibit the visits.Por regla general si se puede, siempre que se notifique con antelación al campamento y se cumpla con el horario de visitas establecidos. No obstante hay campamentos que prohiben las visitas.

The children are grouped by age and/or skill, depending on each camp. 

As a general rule, the children take a test on the first day to place them in appropriate and homogeneous levels. 

In the vast majority of camps lodging is offered in residences.

The rooms can be individual or also shared. At the camps available for boys and girls, the accommodations are in separate parts.

The accommodations are normally residences of colleges or universities that are free during the holidays and therefore offer all the facilities that these types of residences have. For more information see the accommodation sections of each camp.