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Help choosing a camp

Don't know where to start?

 If you are a little lost and don't know which camp is better for your child, don't worry- we will help you!

Search for yourself

These are some key questions you should ask yourself in order to start searching for a camp:

  • Which country would I prefer? We have golf camps in the United Kingdom, the USA, Spain and Ireland.
  • Do I want my child to take English classes while at camp? As well as offering training, many of the camps provide English classes. Consult the golf camps that offer English classes.
  • ¿Do I want a standard camp or a professional training camp? There are two types of camps. Standard camps are for children of all levels of golf, where a training program is designed according to their level, needs and objectives  but there is also the chance to study English or have fun taking part in other types of activities.  Professional training camps demand a higher level of golf (including a determined handicap) and the classes focus exclusively on perfecting the sport. Therefore the physical and disciplinary demands will be  significantly higher than in the standard camps.

Now that you have a basic idea of what you want, you can start to search for yourself. If you wish, you can use our comparing tool or ask our agents for help so that they can advise you in your search for the best camp for your child.

Ask for  advice

If you prefer personalised assistance, where one of our agents will advise you on the best camp for your child without any commitment, contact us- you can be sure that we will resolve your doubts and clarify everything in just one phone call.

TelephoneTelephone:  952 222 998

More interesting information

  • Prices of the camps: the difference in price between the camps is defined by three main concepts. The hours of training, the hours of language classes and the program which you choose. The more hours of language classes and training, the higher the price. There are usually two types of programs: standard programs and professional training programs. In the former, the children, as well as attending golf classes, take part in other leisure activities, go on excursions and attend language classes. However, the professional training programs are aimed at youngsters that take golf very seriously and want total dedication to the sport while at camp and are therefore willing to renounce the extra activities that the standard camps offer so that they can attend more golf classes with professional trainers in order to achieve their maximum potential.
  • There are camps that do not offer English classes: for example in the professional training programs, the camps do not usually offer such classes but still represent an opportunity to improve the language. One must bear in mind that all staff at the camp address the children in English, which encourages them to practice the language. Because there will be children of many different nationalities in the camp, the youngsters will feel “obliged” to speak in English to be able to understand each other. All of this provides an immersion in the language which help the children to improve their English language skills.
  •  The majority of the camps have supervisors and/or trainers that can speak Spanish.