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GGGA Training

Training Characteristics

Golf Training

GGGA TrainingGolf Training is guided by coaches of GGGA in Florida soccer camp in his installations of ede%.

Hours of training per week:
30 h / week
Required Age:
10 - 18 years
Languages spoken by coaches:
MINIMUM level of Golf to access the camp:
Levels of training offered by the camp:
Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner
How are the groups organized?
The groups are organized according to: Level
Number of children per group:
Number of coaches per group:

The GGGA camp has an excellent custom training program. This training consists of 3 phases: technical, mental and physical training. 7 hours a day devoted to these three basic elements to improve the skills of the students.

Before beginning, on the first day of training a recording of each individual student is performed in order to study their movements and assign to each of them the short game and putting exercises.

The kids train in groups of 6 or 8 students, spend time working individually with the coach but also compete with other players in the group.

GGGA Training GGGA Training

The Training

  • Technical Training: with the help of a professional coach they will learn all the techniques, movements in all the game areas to improve the skills and development of the game.
  • Physical Training: the technique is as important as the control of the body. That is why at this camp you will do physical exercise to improve your swing, prevent injuries, win balance, stability and mobility as well as gain flexibility, strength and rotational power.
  • Mental Training: an excellent player not only dominates the technique and is prepared physically, but also needs a mental training. Learn about your strengths, have game and ultimately develop the mentality of a champion. A good mental preparation is what separates the good players from the best. Not only is there mental level training at the course but also exercises are performed in the classroom.
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Camp details

Location Headquarter:
Miami in
30 h / week
English Classes:
Required Age:
10 - 18 years
Nearest Airport:
Orlando (MCO)

Double room

Why with us?

  1. Personalised Customer Service in English.
  2. For our experience in the industry.
  3. Ease of registration and payment.